ComCap:Oregon, the first statewide community capital + crowdfunding conference is almost here, and you need to be there.

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So, why should you attend?

Reason #5: You’re an Entrepreneur

This is a new way to raise money where you get to drive the deal. Want your customers to also be stakeholders and brand champions? Find out how to make it happen.

Reason #4: You’re a Potential Investor

For the first time ever, all Oregonians can actually invest with real returns in Oregon companies. Now’s your chance to put your money where your mouth is!

Reason #3: You’re a Consultant

It’s time for business and marketing professionals to get ahead of the competition, by being among the first to understand how to help in this new economy. Embrace and utilize this new tool to add value to your services. Read more from Robert Benjamin of Member’s Media on “The business support community, how they stand to benefit from Oregon’s new Community Capital Law, and why they are critical to its success.

Reason #2: You’re an Ecosystem Builder

City and community leaders: learn how the democratization of finance in Oregon can bring development capital to the place you live and work.

And the #1 reason to attend Hatch’s community capital and crowdfunding conference…

This is the coolest new thing to transform Oregon in a century: Be among the first to “Get it”! Lead the way!

Bonus: Five real reasons to attend…

  1. This could shift the balance of power in Oregon…to the people.

  2. Bring the ‘good’ back to angel investing: invest in your community!

  3. This pulls the rug out from those who have financial control.

  4. This is so new the sky’s the limit – soar!

  5. Seriously, bring a billion dollars into the state. That rocks.

See the full conference program here, or even download it right onto your smartphone or tablet.

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As always, thanks to all our speakers for making this conference happen, and a big round of gratitude to our latest conference sponsors:

If you’d like to reserve one of your remaining exhibitor tables or get involved with other sponsorship opportunities, read here, or email [email protected]