At ComCap:OR on May 4th and 5th, we have three content strands. One of them is just for entrepreneurs. Of course. It is entrepreneurs who will stabilize our state’s economy, make it resilient, and solve its problems. That is, if they can access capital that will help them stabilize their business, make it resilient, and solve its problems. The capital gap has limited entrepreneurs for far too long, and our upcoming summit is intended to share new strategies for raising money.

We wrote new law that came into being only a few months ago, and with it new, local capital has been invested into Oregon-grown businesses to the tune of over $150,000 – all by ordinary Oregonians. But, this law has changed the game—a lot. And entrepreneurs who want to learn more can get exactly what they need at ComCap:OR. Because we wrote this law for you.

Do you want to retain ownership of your business, yet would like others to have a stake in your success? Do you want to raise capital on your own terms, much more compatible with your business needs and trajectory? Perhaps you’d prefer a loan, but you don’t want to start paying it back for a year while you build up your business. Maybe you have everything in place, your ducks are in a row, and you’ve got a track record, but you need money for marketing. You have a local market; you have a global market. You’re high tech and online; you’re low tech and neighborhood-based. You are who we work for!

Do you need to raise up to $250,000? You can now do a Community Public Offering, and raise money from anyone who lives in Oregon.

You can pitch to a roomful of Oregonians, but what you can say, and to whom you can say it, matters. How do you add a new product line, that isn’t what you do or make? This new fundraising tool involves real securities. And, while it’s not brain surgery, it’s also not a form you fill out at the bank and then wait for them to call you with a yes or no.

Get your questions answered by experts from law, finance, and strategy. Let me introduce you to a few!

Yoon Shin and Kate Kilberg will be sharing insights about how lawyers can work with small business owners and startups in new ways, and help explain this new law!

Entrepreneurial track sessions include:

  • Raising Local Money: Why Raise Money from Oregonians? What’s the business ROI?
  • Cultivate Your Crowd: How to build support before, during, and after your raise.
  • Startup Innovation: Powering Oregon’s early innovators. Launching the manufacturing and tech startup entrepreneur
  • Food, Brew & Farmpreneurs: Funding Oregon’s local artisan food, brewers, and family farmers, organically
  • Tell Me About Your Business: Making your business value and community benefit clear

Check out the conference program, review the exhibitors, or ask us a question in email. Join us for access to knowledge about this unprecedented opportunity to build an entrepreneurial ecosystem in Oregon.

For you!