Congratulations to Amy Cortese, award-winning journalist, editor, and author of Locavesting: The Revolution in Local Investing and How to Profit from It, whose website on the same topic is now LIVE! The definitive resource for local investors, Hatch is lucky enough to be featured in one of Locavesting‘s first articles: “Crowdfunding, Oregon Style. The State’s New Community Public Offering is Off to a Fast Start.”

Locavesting Hatch Article

Journalist and Shift Business Consulting Principle, Bruze Melzer, wrote the article, quoting Amy Pearl, Hatch Innovation‘s Founder and Executive Director, talking about the new Oregon intrastate securities crowdfunding rules:

Amy Pearl, the head of Portland-based nonprofit and incubator who championed the new rules, calls it “compatible capital—funding that’s compatible with the realities of the business.” Because the entrepreneur writes the terms of the offer, she says, it’s more likely to be aligned with their plans. It’s also compatible with the values and interests of investors and even communities. “It’s just a more balanced approach to economic activity,” says Pearl, pictured above (in green dress) with the nine entrepreneurs and state Representative Tobias Reed. “The CPO creates a real stakeholder economy.”

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