Here at all things HATCH, we’re living in the here and now and looking to the future, so of course we’ve got a handy app for our upcoming ComCap:OR community capital + crowdfunding conference on May 4+5.

We’d like to introduce you to Sched, where we’re hosting our mobile schedule.

Now, get your phone and tablet ready, I’m gonna take you on a step-by-step guide to getting this on your smart little phone, or your little smart phone, or your tablet, or giant smartphone. Whatever you got, let’s do this.

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Here’s how to add the ComCap:OR app onto your smart device:

Step 1) Get your device. Turn it on.

Step 2) Click on the following link and open it up:

Step 3) We recommend that you “add to homescreen“. You can also “add to bookmarks“. Either way, this will make sure the app is saved for future use and always current.

Step 4) EXPLORE! Wander the menu and read about our exciting lineup of ComCap:OR speakers and peruse this one-of-a-kind conference program, from unique panels to hands-on workshops, keynotes and lively presentations.

You can compare sessions by track (Ecosystem Builders, Citizen Investors and of course, Entrepreneurs) and click on ones you’d like to make a point to attend.

See you May 4+5 to make Oregon history. Make sure to reserve your tickets online.

Here’s that link again: Don’t worry, if you’re not on a device reading this, it will still work. We’ll make sure to email all our attendees, speakers and special guests this link again. You can also view the live program here.