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Five months ago Ground Up PDX, led by Julie Sullivan, won first place at Hatch’s social enterprise pitchfest, The Social Pitch. Julie led November’s community gathering with updates about Ground Up’s incredible progress. After a lively presentation, the group test-tasted six nut butter flavors and shared their favorite. Between Classic Smooth, Gingerbread, Snickerdoodle, Lavender Honey, Coconut Cardamom with Chia, Mint Chocolate Chip, Snickerdoodle came out to be the most popular!

Ground Up is a for-profit business intent on training disadvantaged women in the Greater Portland area in marketable skills through the production and sales of delicious & nutritious nut butters!

Happy Brain Science is an organization dedicated to using cutting-edge brain science to help teams foster productivity, creativity and happiness in the work place. Founder, Scott Crabtree gave a fascinating presentation filled with pointers on how to find and create happiness in ones life. Then the community formed groups and played their latest tool, Choose Happiness at Work. Thank you for leading the gathering and thank you for donating a copy of your game to HatchLab!

Travis Kriplean and team at Consider.it help you collect feedback, engage stakeholders, make group decisions, teach critical thinking, and more. Visit here to learn more: https://consider.it

Thank you, Iris, for sharing your latest endeavors on Measure 97! Iris is with Main Street Alliance, a non-profit that works to provide small businesses a voice on the most pressing public policy issues across the nation. Their advocacy promotes vibrant businesses and healthy communities, and fosters leadership development of socially responsible business leaders.

The Sprocketfly crew, Dan and Ben and Reid and Benjamin, held a mini clinic on lubricating a bike chain and another mini clinic on brake adjustments while also giving away free chain lube and free SprocketFly bike bells. Thanks guys! We really appreciate your generosity and for spending the whole day tackling bike tune-ups for our HatchLab members.

Allison Cobb is a poet from Los Alamos, New Mexico, where the first atomic bombs were made. Yukiyo Kawano is a visual artist from Hiroshima, Japan, where the first atomic bombs were used. Meshi Chavez is a dancer from Albuquerque, New Mexico, home of one of the nation’s main nuclear weapons labs. They weave their art together in a project called Suspended Moment that aims to bring the incomprehensible magnitude of nuclear war and technology to life, back to human proportions. Read more about Suspended Moment here
Weird City Games shared two of their board games with us, March of the Ants and Minions of the Meadow. We all played (some of us won, some of us lost…), drank the Punch of the Day, and teased each other on our (brilliant and horrible) strategies.

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