ComCap for sliderOn May 4th and 5th, Hatch Innovation is bringing together experts from across the state convening the first statewide conference on raising community capital through Oregon’s new crowdfunding law, ComCap:Oregon.

During Tuesday’s daylong summit, expert panels, presentations, and workshops focus on the three key constituencies who are the main ingredients in creating a successful road map to strengthen Oregon’s economy:
Ecosystem Builders, Entrepreneurs, and Citizen Investors.

Sessions are designed to share knowledge of what’s working, and to address the gaps in Oregon’s ecosystem for local investing.

Plate-oregonWe now introduce the speakers for a Citizen Investor session: A Local Investing Toolkit. Join this workshop session to learn about resources and strategies for teaching Oregonians about local investing. This workshop provides an overview of Invest:OR Meetups – a great opportunity for communities.

Simon 150x150Simon Love, Moderator
Hatch Innovation

Simon joined Hatch in late 2013. He has experience in many different aspects of sustainability, and came to Hatch to pursue his interest in new business models, along with the relationship between social, economic and environmental sustainability. Simon is responsible for Hatch Lab memberships and partnerships, daily operations, and educational resources.

Amy-Cortese-imageAmy Cortese, Speaker
Journalist, Author of Locavesting

Amy Cortese is an award-winning journalist, author and New York Times contributor. Her book, Locavesting, chronicles the local investing movement and explores how a small shift in investment away from multinationals towards locally-owned enterprises can reap enormous economic and social benefits for individuals, their communities and the country. Building on the momentum of the book and the movement it helped catalyze, she recently launched, a new media site dedicated to covering the fast-evolving field of community capital. Amy has given talks from Maui to Seoul, and was named a “Top 30 Crowdfunding Thought Leader.” She lives in Brooklyn, New York.

Marco VangelistiMarco Vangelisti, Speaker
Essential Knowledge for Transition

Marco came to the US as a Fulbright scholar in mathematics and economics at the University of California in Berkeley. After a stint in the financial industry, Marco worked as visual artist on a full-time basis for 5 years and obtained a MFA focusing on the intersection between public art and ecology. He later worked for 6 years managing investment equity portfolios primarily on behalf of large foundations and endowments. In April 2009 Marco left the finance industry and has since been instrumental in the formation and development of the Slow Money Northern California chapter. He is sharing his experience doing direct Slow Money investments with communities around the country to help them increase their capacity for local investing. Marco is currently developing Essential Knowledge for Transition – a curriculum for engaged citizens to understand the money and banking system, the economic system and the financial system and how we need to transform them.