John MacDougallLike everyone at ComCap16, our exhibitors are exciting, handpicked, and do awesome things for their communities! We wanted to give them an opportunity to introduce themselves. Up next is John MacDougall, founder of MacDougall & Sons Bat Company. As one of the first Oregon businesses to launch a CPO, John has firsthand experience with the ‘community’ part of community capital.

Find out more about John and his company:

What does your company do?

John: We invented, patented, manufacture and sell the toughest and best performing real wood bat in the world.

Why are you excited about community capital and ComCap16?

John: Because it gives real people the opportunity to invest in their own communities and companies that are ignored by the traditional business capital folks.  The challenge is to “get the word out” and this conference will help to do that.

 “People invest in what they know.”

Tell us a little bit about your community— Who is the most active? How do you build connections?  

John: Since we have a national and even global reach with our bats, for the purposes of this offering our community is the whole state of Oregon.  We are the “poster child” for Traded Sector.  Even the wood in the barrel of our bats is grown here in Oregon.  Many of our connections are built through baseball.  People invest in what they know.

What will you bring to the table? Literally and figuratively?

John: We’ll have the bats we make along with 6 years of experience building a national sporting goods brand with very limited money.  We’ve learned how to do a lot with a little.

What is something you want everyone to know about you?

John: I question pretty much everything and don’t accept the “status quo”.  When I want something to happen and it’s the “right thing”, I don’t give up.  I like to “make it happen”.

Thanks, John!

Stop by MacDougall Bats’ table in the Ballroom during ComCap16’s full days of conference sessions, April 27-28, 2016 at Ambridge Event Center. John will be a panelist during Wednesday’s session, “Entrepreneurs Raising Community Capital”.