In this episode, we sit down with Henlight Co-Founder, Edward Silva.

Edward’s unique story highlights the path that some entrepreneurs take when entering into prize-based competitions, in this case the Thought For Food Challenge. Interestingly, Edward’s journey with the Thought For Food Challenge did not end with his team’s victory. Instead, along with a small team of enthusiastic volunteers, they expanded the reach of this challenge worldwide, inspiring innovative ideas from young people across the globe.

Guest: Edward Silva

In his words:

I believe in leveraging the power of technology to create a more food secure world. As a Prize Developer at XPrize and co-founder of Henlight – a solar powered solution to help small-scale poultry farmers – I actively support building a bridge to a more abundant future by leveraging appropriate technology.

Throughout my career, I have been afforded the opportunity to participate in an array of activities in the U.S. and abroad related to food, agriculture, and renewable/natural resources . Winning the 2013 Thought for Food Challenge, being selected as U.S. Delegate for the Y20 Summit, studying international agricultural development at the University of California, Davis and most recently serving as Executive Director of Thought For Food, have allowed me to gain a unique global perspective on how to develop products and solutions in a more creative, open, and innovative way.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Edward’s story, and the way he drew on his own experiences to come up with a novel innovation.
  • How the Thought For Food Challenge incentivized the innovations behind Henlight.
  • The story of Edward’s journey after winning the challenge, and how an ambassador network allows Thought For Food to expand their global reach.
  • Examples of winners and innovations from the Thought For Food Challenge.
  • How incentive-based prizes inspire innovation in areas that may be lacking new ideas.