The business support community, how they stand to benefit from Oregon’s new Community Capital Law, and why they are critical to its success.

With the recent passage of Oregon’s interstate crowdfunding administrative rules allowing small and startup businesses to extend investment offers to local non-accredited investors, there has been a lot of emphasis put on the participating entrepreneurs and the new pool of potential investors. Rightfully so, as the historic rules allow what has essentially been prohibited or very expensive to do for over 80 years. Private companies of a certain size, doing a majority of their business in Oregon can now easily offer securities to instate residents.

Announcing Our Conference App – Sched!

Here at all things HATCH, we’re living in the here and now and looking to the future, so of course we’ve got a handy app for our upcoming ComCap:OR community capital + crowdfunding conference on May 4+5. We’d like to introduce you to Sched, where...