Like everyone and everything at ComCap16, our exhibitors are exciting, handpicked, and do awesome things for their communities! With that, we wanted to give them an opportunity to introduce themselves. First up is Judy Goodman from BGood Bars, a rural entrepreneur who you may recognize from her special guest appearance in our snazzy conference teaser trailer, who’s created “the artisan energy bar from the Wallowa Mountains.” Not only is BGood Bars an exhibitor for ComCap16, they’ve generously donated a set of two dozen bars for our Silent Auction at the Kick-Off Reception, and Judy will be a panelist for the session “Entrepreneurs Raising Community Capital” on Wednesday, April 27.

With no further ado, let’s get to know more about Judy and BGood Bars!

Judy Goodman, BGood Bars

What does your company/organization do? 

Judy: BGood Bars makes and sells Artisan Chocolate Energy Bars.

Why are you excited about community capital? About this conference?

Judy: Oregon is a beautiful state, but starting a business in a rural community can be challenging. Community capital is the perfect solution to help build business in our own communities and help small communities stay vibrant and alive. If we can’t create jobs and business where we live, then small towns become at risk. ComCap:16 brings together a vast range of speakers & ideas that will help each one of us in our own journey to invest in our own communities and in ourselves. This conference empowers individuals to spread the reality that we can stand on our own two feet without Wall Street controlling our interests. Its time to take control of our money and support what is right in front of us.

Is there a particular session you’re looking forward to?

Judy: Yes, “Small Business is NOT a “Day”, and “The Future of Social Enterprise Funding”.

Tell us a little bit about your community – How do you build connections?  

Judy: Joseph, Oregon has a population of 1,000.  There are no stop lights in Wallowa County, and a rush hour traffic jam is defined as a ‘cattle drive’.  Our community is closely tied to ranching, agriculture and a growing tourism.  We are located next to the largest wilderness in Oregon.  Artisan shops line the streets where you can find everything from locally made pottery & beer, to award winning chocolates and bronze sculpture.  Barn dances & local music dominate the weekends, as well as world class fishing, rafting, biking, hiking & skiing.  People connect on social media and in coffee shops, at gallery walks and dog walks.  People meet up in coffee shops and festivals, or the farmers market!  It’s hard to say ‘who is the most active’ because living in a small community means that everyone wears more hats than one!

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What will you bring to the table? Literally and figuratively?

Judy Goodman: We are bringing samples of our product that we hope folks will stop by our table during the breaks & try.  I love talking about the bars, how each one is infused with organic dried fruit, honey & nut butters I make before each batch.  I also bring to the table a bit of excitement and energy that comes from creating a small business in a rural community in NE Oregon – it is both challenging and rewarding!

What is something you want everyone to know about you?

Judy: I am a self starter, and I don’t easily give up.  Success is not about what we do, but about who we are and being able to believe in yourself.  

Thanks, Judy! Stop by BGood Bars’ table in the Ballroom during ComCap16’s full days of conference sessions, April 27-28, 2016 at Ambridge Event Center.


Can you spot Judy making BGood magic in our conference trailer?