Even the greatest project idea can be a failure, if not properly communicated. Working with startups, young entrepreneurs and local NGOs at FEAST Greece, we have come up with a bunch of conclusions and tips about communicating your project more efficiently and creating an audience.

#1 The No. 1 goal is to make the project idea known to the biggest audience possible that will be inspired and support it at any given chance.

#2 Good storytelling is key to a successful project. Find your angle, decide on the story you want to tell to your audience. Find a creative and convincing response to this question: “What can your project idea do for me?”

#3 Create digital content, like a video, photo material, a poster etc. Digital content can substantially contribute to your project’s promotion, plus you will look very professional.

#4 Ask your friends to support you. That’s always one of the easiest ways to maximize your audience. Talk to them about your project, write an email, explaining your project idea, and ask you’re them to forward it to their contacts.

#5 Use the social media as much as you can. Ideally, create a page on Facebook and invite everyone to like it. Ask your friends to share it.

#6 People tend to be more supportive of an idea, when they have a personal connection with the people behind it. Be sociable, and pitch your project to everyone you meet. A good idea is to look for and attend relevant networking events in town, where your “fans” may hang out and pitch, pitch, pitch!

#7 Make your project accessible to your colleagues, coworkers, business associates. Make it easier for them to find out about it. Add links to your email signature, and to your social media profiles.

#8 Reach out to the press and to bloggers that would be interested in writing about your project, and ask them to support it. Send a press release or a media kit with all the essential info about your project.

#9 Keep in mind that you should always look for ways to spread your message. The first step is to communicate it as much as you can through your personal circle of friends and professional acquaintances. The greater audience will follow.

*FEAST Greece is based in Thessaloniki. They organize micro granting dinners as FEAST Thessaloniki and FEAST Athens. So far they has funded 36 projects with a total of €9.000. They offer seminars and workshops, on donation based crowdfunding. Currently they are working on an online crowdfunding platform for local civic projects in their hometown, Thessaloniki.

FEAST’s website
Facebook: FEAST Thessaloniki and FEAST Athens

This article was written by Niki Vouimta, founder of FEAST Greece

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