In case you missed the news, the NEW RULES HAVE BECOME LAW!
Hallelujah and congratulations!

Now, what does this mean? It means that we here at Hatch are breathing a huge sigh of relief as our January 22nd Hatch Oregon Launch Party can proceed as planned! While we can’t tell you exactly what companies will be here to invest in that evening, we can provide a little teaser – a small taste of Oregon, if you will, to be matched by our BIGGER Oregon Bounty spread* the night of the actual party.


Today’s teaser features a company whose product puts us in mind of the liquid called MEAD. Known as the Nectar of the Gods, mead was said to be the Norse God Odin’s favorite drink. We can’t get enough of this stuff ourselves, and best of all, as this beverage is made from all-natural ingredients (and unlike traditional mead, is alcohol-free), you can not only enjoy this beverage at any time of the day or night, but – dare we say it – it might even be good for you.

Don’t forget to grab your tickets to the Hatch Oregon Launch Party!

*An ENORMOUS thank you to Grand Central Baking Company for their donation of fresh bread for the event!

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