“Shave and a haircut – 2 bits!”
What services can you invest in on January 22nd?

While we can’t tell you exactly what companies will be here to invest in at our Hatch Oregon Launch Party, we can provide a little teaser – a small taste of Oregon, if you will, to be matched by our BIGGER Oregon Bounty spread* the night of the actual party.

While a shave and a haircut might cost you a bit more than the two bits mentioned above (two bits, for those unfamiliar with the monetary value, equaling about a quarter), trust us when we say that the price will be worth it when you get a load of what else this establishment will have to offer. Let’s just say that in addition to a hot towel and a close shave, there will be plenty of things on tap, excuse us, on hand, to whet your whistle.

Don’t forget to grab your tickets to the Hatch Oregon Launch Party!

*Speaking of whetting your whistle, a BIG thank you to both Agrarian Ales and Eva’s Herbucha for their drink donations for the night of our big party! Can you say kombucha floats, anyone?

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