Host Amy Pearl speaks with Youngro Lee and Abe Chu, co-founders of NextSeed, a Texas-based marketplace where “anyone can invest in local businesses and earn solid returns.”

After the recession, Youngro left his job and started NextSeed to address the capital gap and answer the question “How do we give people access to capital?” Youngro and Abe dive into the deeper reasons behind the movement towards crowdfunding and community capital.


Youngro Lee, JD/LLM
Chief Executive Officer

Former private equity funds lawyer in the U.S., Europe and Asia. Helped clients raise over $25 billion in aggregate to pursue various strategies. Previously at Weil Gotshal, Kirkland & Ellis and Cleary Gottlieb. Graduate of Cornell University and Cornell Law School.

Abe Chu, MBA
Chief Marketing Officer

Former marketing executive in charge of technology marketing and sales teams for global electronics brands and retailers. Previously at Premium Retail and Samsung. Ex-founder of a Silicon Valley startup. Graduate of Rice University and Rice University’s Graduate School of Management.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The pain and the benefits of private investing (and why it’s difficult and costly to do a public offering).
  • Why access to capital matters.
  • Historic examples of community investing, and how the concept can be successfully applied to American capitalism.
  • Why Youngro and Abe consider themselves matchmakers.
  • The biggest challenge with educating entrepreneurs.
  • Why a business plan for a community public offering needs to be different than a standard business plan.
  • The three things an entrepreneur needs to understand to do a crowdfunding raise.
  • Why millennials think about spending and investing money differently than other generations (and how crowdfunding investing fits into the new paradigm).