A letter from Amy Pearl:

I’m really excited about the speaker lineup for our second annual community capital conference, ComCap16! It’s shaping up to be the first-ever national gathering of leaders and experts working to implement the new state-based local investing laws in communities from states all over the country – Vermont, Maryland, Minnesota, Michigan, Illinois, Idaho, Alaska, California, Washington, New York, Texas, Ohio, and Washington D.C.  are all convening in Portland, Oregon to move the needle on equity in finance.

Here’s a quick few…all in one place at the same time…can you believe it?!

See them all over at comcapconference.com. We’re gathering 40+ experts from across the USA!


So, who should get tickets now?


  • you care where your money goes, (even if you don’t have much) it’s having an impact (maybe not so good). Find out.
  • you have an interest in your neighborhood, community, or state, and want to know how you can play a role.
  • you have children, or grandchildren, or plan to. Will they engage in the new economy as drivers or be knocked flat by it?
  • you care about equity. Maybe you work in poverty alleviation or housing or economic development. You’re looking for ways to transform wealth distribution, cultivate economic equity, or increase access to capital.
  • you’re an entrepreneur looking for compatible capital.
  • you’re a lawyer, legislator, or community leader, trying to understand the implications of new finance law.


This conference is an introduction to a new engine for economic equity – a people powered economy. The notion of crowdfunding in all of its shapes and forms and implications, both national and local, is a critical conversation for you as a business owner, as a neighbor, as a professional, as a government leader. Crowd investing isn’t a trend, or something that will pass. While this is going to transform how we think about money, how we advertise money, and how we use money, it isn’t really about money. If you think about money as a means and not as an end, our capacity to use it as a tool for impact is real. We just need to learn how to use it well.
 Amy Pearl
Join me, these powerful experts, and the 100 attendees who have tickets so far. Buy your ticket now!
Amy Pearl, Executive Director, Hatch Innovation