What Should Local Economic Development Look Like?

Community capital provides new access for citizens to invest and removes barriers to entrepreneurship. Historically under-served communities (i.e. African Americans, Native Americans, Hispanics, women, and rural), can now invest in the enterprises they believe in....

When Crowdfunding and Community Development Get Married

Crowdfunding is hot. It’s the most sweeping financial disruption to come along in decades, enabling financial shifts across professions and practices. It’s being discussed in pure hyperbole to thoughtful commentary on its potential for the democratization of capital...

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A Locally-Invested Oregon

Keeping Oregon’s dollars in Oregon’s small businesses.


Thanks for all Hatch has done to make Oregon a much better place for small businesses — I really appreciate all your efforts and focus on local investing and more!

— Deborah Field, community partner, co-founder of Paperjam Press

I wanted to thank you for the time you spent with me and my team while we were in Portland.  Of the 6 coworking facilities we saw, Hatch was the most inspiring.  We even started looking into potential old car dealerships for a retrofit! Thank you so much for your time and I wish your team, Hatch and its members great success in 2017.

— Christian Paro, owner of C615.co, co-working space in Nashville TN

The CPO program has brought a lot of attention to my business and my product. I have friends and acquaintances stopping me on the street and commenting on how well my business is doing. They are very supportive and proud to see what I have accomplished.

— Judy Goodman, Hatch Oregon CPO, founder of BGood Bars

The best and most useful part of the pitch was building relationships with supportive individuals in the community who want to come behind our idea with their various skills or knowledge. And also the validation and encouragement of our business idea to motivate us to keep pushing forward.

— Julie Sullivan, The Social Pitch VI winner, founder of GroundUp PDX

The ComCap conference was very well done. Great job. It was well organized, informative and fun (good food and drink as well). For me personally the experience was pivotal. I am new to the world of entrepreneurialism…in fact as I worked with scientists, farmers and distributors I had been calling myself a project coordinator for lack of a better word. I knew what I was doing was entrepreneurial, but I only really came to see myself as an entrepreneur thanks to ComCap.

— Ted Golder, ComCap Rural Scholarship recipient, founder of Eagle Cap Quinoa